Learn Piano at Home – What to Expect From a Home Study Piano Course

Up until recently the only way to really learn to play the piano or the keyboards has been to attend regular weekly lessons with a trained professional piano teacher. You would undoubtedly spend time learning to read music, playing scales and learning a selection of classical pieces. There have always been a few self taught individuals but on the whole it was easier and more effective to go to a regular teacher. Now with recent advances in technology it is completely possible to get top quality piano 學琴初級 lessons in an audio visual format downloaded to your own computer that are just as effective if not more so than attending standard piano lessons with a teacher.

The now popular home study courses available for learning the piano consist of a series of audio and video files that can be played back on your computer or come on a standard DVD. The better courses are well thought out and will guide you from absolute beginner level to a very high intermediate level. The material will typically be split up into lessons with a short video showing you what to do and a series of audio files with more examples and explanations. The overall effect is like having your own personal teacher on hand whenever you feel like doing a lesson.

Learning this way is extremely comfortable and much more flexible than the traditional method of learning by going to piano lessons. You still need to practice before going onto the next lesson but you will only move on when you are ready and not before. If you haven’t had time to master the previous lesson’s material then you can simply spend a little more time on it. On the contrary, if you are ready to move on to the next lesson then you do not have to wait for next weeks piano lesson to come around, you can move on whenever you are ready.

This method of learning is also extremely cost effective as the typical home study course costs somewhere in the region of one or two lessons with a regular piano teacher and you will be getting the equivalent of many months or years of piano lessons. Another benefit is that the home study courses seem to have a non-traditional approach to piano learning. They will teach you how to play multiple styles and techniques and not just one style and a selection of set pieces.

Using a home study piano course can be really complete as you will learn how to read music, how to play from chord charts and how to improvise. You should also be taught how to play in multiple styles or genres. It is perfectly possible to use these courses to go from complete beginner up to a really high intermediate level of playing.



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