Inhale the vaporised concentrates and oils with the help of the dab rig.

Investing in a high-end vaporizer is unnecessary when you can just use a glass bong to enjoy concentrates. In the world of bongs, an oil bong, or a dab rig, is a sort of bong that’s expressly intended for the purpose of smoking concentrates. Dabbers, heat-resistant steel or glass nails, Bunsen burners, and lighters with jet flames, among other items, are necessary for effective use. These tools include Glass bongs dabbers, for instance. Dab rigs are becoming increasingly popular in Germany as time goes on.

What does dabbing mean?

Initially popularised in the United States, dabbing has since expanded to other countries, including Europe. With the help of specialised bowls known as domes or bangers, dabs can be ingested in a concentrated form of a substance. Oil smoking is another name for dabbing. Consequently, it is immensely popular with customers, particularly those suffering from pain, who seek alleviation from their symptoms through the consumption of hash oil or wax. What sets dabbing unique from other methods is that the concentrates are vaporised rather than burned.

When it comes to dabs, Butane Hash Oil, or wax, is one of the most widely utilised concentrates. The extraction of it from plants suitable for the purpose is carried out using butane gas, dimethyl ether, or other similar solvents. As a result, BHO is incredibly effective due to its unadulterated purity and lack of any sort of manipulation. Due to the high concentrations of active ingredients that can be vaporised while dabbing, it is not suggested for beginners to utilise these devices.

A dab rig is easy to spot.

Glass bongs and dab rigs look very similar, yet the two smoking gadgets are not at all comparable. In compared to a bong used for inhaling plants, oil bongs feature a more masculine-looking glass joint and are smaller. Smaller beakers and recycler or incycler bongs are becoming more common. Despite the short distance between the chamber and the mouthpiece, these bongs are equipped with percolator devices that vary in complexity to ensure that the vaporised concentrate is kept as cool as possible.

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