The Benefits of Having Instagram Followers in India

If you are in India, you have no doubt noticed that your Instagram profile has been lagging behind. This stagnation is a legitimate issue, but having a large number of Indian followers is still a great idea. Instagram provides many benefits, including increased engagement rates, visibility, brand awareness, and revenue. However, if you do not understand the benefits of having Instagram followers in India, you may feel frustrated.Instagram – what are the issues? | Parent Zone

Increased engagement rates

A new report by Adobe has shown that having Instagram Indian followers has the potential to boost your business. The service is able to create unique audience profiles based on the data gathered from various sources. For example, it has been found that industries such as the travel sector have the highest engagement rate, with an average of 1.41%. Interestingly, the engagement rate of industries with high visual content is lower on Instagram than on Facebook. The only industry that is likely to double its Twitter engagement rate by 2022 is the jewelry sector.

While the engagement rate of media-house brands has decreased on Facebook and Instagram, it has increased on Twitter. This trend is particularly true for NGOs, which are proving to be very successful on Instagram. They are currently one of the best-performing industries on the platform, with an average engagement rate of 1.10% per post. As a result, they can leverage the platform to reach younger audiences.

Increased visibility

With over a billion users, Instagram is rapidly becoming the most important influencer marketing channel. Though other social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube are still popular, Instagram is quickly gaining popularity as a way for micro-influencers to make an impact on their audiences. Instagram allows for easy photo-sharing, direct connection with niche audiences, and content creation at an affordable price. Instagram is a powerful complement to Facebook and Twitter marketing strategies.

Increased brand awareness

As an Indian business, you should have your Instagram account set up to target this market. By adding an account, you’ll have access to 130 million Instagram users who are interested in shopping content every month. Using Instagram’s features, brands can promote their products in an engaging manner without hard-selling. In addition, this social media platform allows users to keep up with the latest fashion trends. As a result, it’s a powerful platform for building brand awareness.

The Instagram audience is very diverse. According to Statista, India is home to the highest concentration of users among all the countries. India alone has around 170 million Instagram users. In addition to India, the U.S. has the second-highest percentage of users. It’s important to know your audience when crafting your social media marketing strategy. For instance, understanding the top countries that use Instagram can help you decide which areas are the most appropriate for your business.

Increased revenue

It’s hard to believe that an app can be generating $47 billion in revenue from Indian followers by 2022. In fact, the company has already added filters to identify photoshopped objects and tags for product placement and has started collecting data on its users. With more than 180 million users in India, it makes sense to try to capitalize on these users’ interest in your content. Instagram, for example, recently rolled out Reels to Indian users, placing full-screen advertisements that run for 30 seconds. Since 70 percent of data usage in the country is video, it makes sense that Instagram is betting on Reels and IGTV to boost its revenue. It is also feeling the pinch from YouTube.

Instagram is rapidly expanding outside the U.S., with India recording 20 million new users between October 2020 and January 2021. The app has reached an active user base of 100 million users by 2022, with almost one-fourth of users being female. It seems that Instagram is well-balanced and embraced equally by both genders. Moreover, the growth of the platform is expected to continue to rise.

Increased exposure to influencers

According to a report, more than half of social media users are interested in following the opinions of influencers. Among them, women are more likely to do so than men, and Hispanic and African American consumers are more interested than their White and Asian counterparts. And while millennials are most interested in celebrities’ and influencers’ content, the percentage of adults who use social media before making a purchase is even higher.

According to the latest research, four out of five Gen Z Instagram users think creators have more influence than celebrities. By 2021, there will be at least 50 million content wizards. Marketers are also expecting to see more influencer marketing success by 2022 with the introduction of new features like Branded Content ads and Collabs. Additionally, Instagram creators will have easier collaborations than ever before with their latest tools. Brands can now search for creators that best fit their brands’ needs.

Increased trust

The hottest region in the world for Instagram is India, with 11% of children in the U.S. using it. In India, the average age for Instagram users is 13 years old. By 2020, India will have 132.8 million users, which is 19.3 million more than it had in 2018.

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