Is There A Great Portland Art School?

“Sure – I’d love to go to art school in Portland…I think. Which Portland are we talking about? Arkansas, Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, or Wisconsin? Perhaps Australia?” Interestingly enough, even with all these Portlands to choose from, there is only one of them with an art school and that’s Portland, OR. Actually there are six if you count the culinary schools. I guess all the other Portlands are too busy porting things to be bothered with art schools.

Now that we’ve narrowed the field, you’ll have to decide whether living in the Pacific Northwest 먹튀검증. is to your liking. If you’d prefer copious amounts of sunshine, I would suggest you head south at least 1,000 miles to LA or San Diego, CA. However, if you don’t mind lush natural greenery and the requisite rainfall you have to have to get it, or the occasional light snowfall in the winter, Oregon west of the Cascades may suit you just fine.

The conundrum facing students headed for art school in Portland, however, is that the most inspiring months generally tend to be the ones with the most distractions. From Portland, during the summer months, you’re only two hours from beach sports and general playing around, and in the winter, about two hours from skiing, snow boarding and again, general playing around on Mt. Hood.

As I mentioned, there are six: three commercial/graphic/media, etc. types and three culinary Portland art schools, aside from art and culinary course studies in the various universities and community colleges. There is of course, the ever-present Art Institute, (I think there must be one in just about every state – for sure if you count their online version).There’s also the Oregon College of Art and Craft. I’m not talking macaroni necklaces here – I’m talking serious master woodworking, ceramics, and fabric art to name a few.

Oregon’s inland and coastal communities are littered with galleries full of high-end art that clearly reflects an emphasis on creativity with craftsmanship. The glasswork alone will blow your socks off. (Hmmm – could be pun in there somewhere.)

Culinary training, of course, goes hand in hand with Oregon’s burgeoning wine industry. From the Willamette (accent on the short a in the second syllable,) Valley to the coast, it’s not uncommon to find a tasting room in an art gallery next to a gourmet bistro, or a fine dining but casual restaurant with an art gallery and tasting room.

Portland art schools don’t make the list of the top ten, I suspect for completely artificial reasons arbitrarily set by New York and Los Angeles art snobs, but Oregon’s strong liberal base tends to give the pursuit of serious art study a free reign. Oh, and if you’re thinking of making Portland your home for at least the duration of art school, forget the umbrella. Despite J. Seward Johnson’s “Allow Me”, a bronze statue of a business suit clad man holding an umbrella, located in downtown’s Pioneer Courthouse Square (a.k.a. Portland’s living room), almost no uses them – rain or not.

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