Online Slots and Physical Slots: Which Are Better?

Slot machines have evolved from three reel games to video slots and online slots, and with them we have changed too. Land-based casinos are still big business, attracting millions of players every day. Even more people play online on their computers and mobile devices, making slots a phenomenal “on the go” game. What is the best gaming experience, online or physical? Here at PGDRAGON we have decided to compare and understand more. Thanks to PG slots who did the same and told about it in this infographic.How to choose online casino and play online slots for free without download  – First Comics News


In jurisdictions where online gambling is legal, you can play anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

You can relax on your favorite sofa or chair and play the games of your choice.

Getting to a brick-and-mortar casino, on the other hand, involves long journeys. Even if you live in a city with casinos and only have to travel a few kilometers, you still have to take a car, taxi or bus to get there. Do you want to do it when there are thunderstorms or when the roads are frozen?

From a comfort and convenience standpoint, online gaming wins hands down.


Land-based casinos offer a ton of slots, especially in the United States. Some American casinos have thousands of machines with hundreds of different titles.

But once you get to the brick-and-mortar casino, you have to go around the room to find your favorites. Sometimes, especially when your favorite game is in just a few units, you may not find a place. Other people have already occupied it and you need to look for something else.

With online casinos, on the other hand, you always have access to all the games on offer. It doesn’t matter if another player with their computer or mobile device is playing your favorite game. However, it will also be available for you.

And it doesn’t stop there. You don’t have to walk the floor, looking up and down the corridors in search of your favorite games. You can simply scroll through the selection of available games with a tap on the screen – this is definitely a great advantage of online slots.


Even in the largest casinos, the space on the floor reserved for slots is limited. A game that produces less than the house average is quickly eliminated to make room for something new that could attract more players.

The hardware that hosts physical games is very expensive, so the game has to earn its place. It can be reused for new software and for different games and brick-and-mortar casinos regularly remove old games from the room.

Online games are also sometimes eliminated, but this does not happen with the typical speed of brick-and-mortar casinos. An online slot that produces below average revenues takes up only a little bandwidth, not precious space and expensive machinery.

Online casinos can hold a game for longer, giving it a greater chance of finding “its audience” or attracting a small band of loyal players devoted to a game most ignored.

If you’ve ever loved a game that was suddenly eliminated because other people didn’t share your enthusiasm, you know how much this is a huge advantage of online gaming.


Land-based casinos also have advantages One is that some technologies found in brick-and-mortar casinos are not available online.

Think of Sphinx 3D, the great success of International Game Technology. The three-dimensional graphics are great. After a big win, the gold coins appear to fly out of the machine. Players get caught up in the effect and often try to grab the virtual coins.

Or let’s think of WMS Gaming’s Top Gun, a game that has inspired many innovations from so many game makers. In this game you position yourself in a special chair equipped with rear speakers and motion effects. When you get a Bonus Round where you fly a fighter jet to hit the credits, it feels like you are truly in the cockpit, climbing, swooping and spinning around with the sound roaring around you.

As of today, these experiences are not available to online players. When you play with your pad, you don’t have this kind of 3D graphics nor do you have a chair with special effects.


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