The Human Touch HT 1650 Massage Chair

Human Touch provides a full line of massage chairs. The HT 1650 is the high-end luxury massage recliner by Human Touch. This massage recliner is somewhat unique in that it looks more like a classic recliner. However, underneath this traditional exterior comes a range of massage capabilities. We’ll take a look at some of the features included in the HT 1650.

The HT 1650 comes with a functioning to detect your acupoints in your back. This is accomplished by performing a scan of  출장마사지 your neck, shoulders and back. This function must be activated by selecting a manual massage function.

This massage recliner will perform a full scan of your back and determine your specific acupoints. There are known to be over 100 acupoints in the neck, shoulders and back. Your body has a total of over 350 acupoints. As the scan is performed, the chairs computer will note where your specific acupoints are located.

The acupoint detection system is used in conjunction with certain massage techniques such as shiatsu. Unlike other massage chairs, you must set the scan manually. You must manually set your shoulder height in order to perform an accurate scan of your back.

The HT 1650 comes with eight automatic massage programs. These are full body massage programs. They range from sports therapy to light stretching and warm-up massages. Each of these automatic programs are designed for a specific purpose.

There are also four manual massage functions included in this massage recliner. The four manual massage functions are compression, rolling, percussion and kneading. You may select these manual programs in use them in conjunction with manual massage courses.

Manual massage courses focus on specific areas of the back and neck. You can select the area that you would like to target. It also includes pinpointing so you can focus the massage on one specific point on your back or neck.

One of the nice features of the HT1650 is that it comes with a hidden calf massager. The calf massager has leg wells to fit your legs inside. This provides for a soothing compression massage. The compression massage utilizes a squeezing and holding technique.

When you do not want to use the calf massager, you can flip it over to its flat side. This enables you to hide the calf massager when not in use. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the HT 1650 massage recliner.

The HT1650 also comes with a remote control. This remote control has buttons on two faces of the remote. This enables the remote to be much thinner than other traditional controls. The remote is hardwired to the chair and has a pocket for storage.

The HT-1650 has a variety of massage techniques. It is different from most massage chairs in that it looks more like a traditional recliner. Personally, I find that the massage is a bit light for my taste. I prefer one that is a bit stronger and soothing for tight muscles.

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